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Lonely in the Dessert.

Trips to the Grand Canyon and Petrified National Forest Park

It’s a late homework, before it’s too late. In the end of May, our lab headed for the Grand Canyon for our trips. It’s a long way from here Phoenix, but it’s definitely worth it when you stand by the side of the canyon. You can feel the strength of nature as a tiny human being. it’s a pity though for me not to hike down all the way to the Colorado river due to limited time. But I still caught its beauty and power through my camera.

After visiting the grand canyon, we went to the Petrified National Forest Park. It’s a total different beauty, and I believe ti will not lose to the Grand Canyon. All the woods you see is acturally stones, which were gradually petrified from the woods during perhaps a span of millions of years. The colors are beautiful, almost the same you will see in the photos I shot. If you have time, I strongly recommend this amazing park. There seems much less people knowing this place, and the visitors are also much less compared to the grand canyon.

So far I have visited all 3 national parks in Arizona.