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Lonely in the Dessert.

A Fantastic Hiking, Camping and Climbing Weekend

We packed up and drove to Sedona in the early morning on Sat. The “red rock” mountains are gorgeous. I didn’t bring the cameras but left them in the car. But I still got some before the hike. We picked the Secret canyon loop trail and there is a rather rugged path to go before reaching the trail head from the road. This 6-mile path even killed us, and it took nearly 40 minutes. I highly recommend you drive a SUV or Jeep if you want to get there.

Then, we drove north to Flagstaff where we luckily came across a lovely small local concert. After dinner, we escaped from the civilization and camped in the forest. The sky was dark and clear, and we could see the shining stars and the galaxy. After setting up the camera to capture the star trail, we drank beer and shared stories as usual. After 2 hours when the temperature went down, we slipped into the tents to get some sleep for the bouldering next morning.

I waked up early in the morning, and I always do when camping. The air was so fresh, and birds were singing around. I hiked further into the forest alone, and that was an almost isolated world. After my couple friends waked, we cook some noodles, collected the garbage and left for the climbing site.

The rocks are so sharp. My hands felt like being cut by knives. But it’s still fun to climb with my friends and even strangers.

For more photos, please go to here.