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Lonely in the Dessert.

Team Hiking @ Saguaro National Park

This is the 1st time I spend the Chinese lunar new year abroad, and miss the warm atmosphere of family union in the past. My wife didn’t come back to Beijing neither, and she is still in Hong Kong. As my grandma said over the phone, four people four places for my family (My father was quite busy last year, and only came back to Beijing once for several weeks). Hope I can find some time to rush back soon.

A good thing for me is, the team I just joined at ASU is fantastic. People in the lab are very nice, and I love the working environment where every one is trying their best. Last weekend, we went for a hike at a nearby national park (“Saguaro National Park”, around two hours’ drive south). To be honest, the view is a little bit disappointing as all the plants there are some kind of cactus, too boring. Of course, the special one is always the saguaros. But on the whole, it’s an interesting hike, and we are planning to have some camping somewhere next time.

Here are some photos.