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My Hands-on Review on Blackberry Q10

After using my brand new Blackberry Q10 for a few days, I really feel that RIM has done great jobs on this device with the classic qwerty keyboard.

Blackberry Q10Blackberry Q10

For the hardware, Q10 is absolutely sturdy. At first sight when it was rolled out, I thought it seemed like a “downgrade” from the bold 9900 which I love a lot. But when you get hands on it, you can immediately sense the quality and the classic blackberry flavour. Though I prefer the curve keyboard on bold 9900, Q10 definitely wins out on the whole, e.g., the screen, the battery and the craftwork. But two things I should mention, (1) the back of the device is really ugly…(2) don’t expect too much on the battery. It’s much better than bold 9900 (2100mah v.s. 1200 mah), but you still need to take an extra power bank when you are in trip. It will get drained more quickly on 4G connectivity, 5 hours or so.

For the software, Q10 totally blows me away. The brand new operating system (blackberry os 10) is totally different, if not created from scratch. Running more smoothly, partly due to the high performance hardware (dual core 1.5Ghz cpu, etc.), this new operating system is cleaner and easier to use, and the gestures will definitely boost the productivity in your every day life. For example, I love the browser a lot, there are quite a lot short-cut keys (r, t, b, p, n, l….) you should try out. But it seems blackberry has kept disappointing people for a long time, and both users and developers haven’t paid too much attention on this phone, and I think it’s unfair. I can grab most of the everyday apps I need from the app world, but there are still some apps you can’t install as of writing this post. (i) Ironically, you can’t use QQ (an IM app popular among Chinese people) (ii) there is no “fiend-zone/moments” in the wechat. I talked with a guy working in tencent, who said wechat in Blackberry platform is developed by a separate team, and they seem to lag behind a lot. (iii) Some others, like flickr, etc. Of course you can install those apps by sideloading a bar file, but most of the time it will let you down.

Another thing for BB OS 10, you don’t need a dedicated BB plan anymore, instead, you can use the phone with any data plan. It just works. I will say “yes” to this phone, especially you prefer high-rate productivity and the qwerty keyboard. If you need an entertainment phone, this will not be your choice.